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KTY81 series Silicon temperature sensors - NXP Semiconductors
KTY81 series Silicon temperature sensors - NXP Semiconductors
NXP B.V. 2008. All rights reserved. Product data sheet. Rev. 05 — 25 April 2008. 2 of 15. NXP Semiconductors. KTY81 series. Silicon temperature sensors. 2. Pinning information. 3. Ordering information. 4. Marking. Table 2. Pinning. Pin. Description. Simplified outline. 1 electrical contact. 2 electrical contact.

Change of temperature sensor KTY84-130 on PT1000
 PT1000 is the successor. KTY temperature sensor is discontinued and no longer available in the market. The PT1000 is the alternative successor to be used in our motors and spindles. (the temperature characteristic is not compatible!!!). With a project team set up for the purpose, we will be accompanying.

KTY - sensors - Reissmann Sensortechnik GmbH
KTY - sensors - Reissmann Sensortechnik GmbH
REISSMANN Sensortechnik GmbH · Schollenäcker 3 (unterm Wasserturm) · D-74538 Rosengarten-Uttenhofen. Telefon +49 (0)791 950 15-0 · Telefax +49 (0)791 950 15-29 · E-Mail · Internet Measuring resistor with the KTY-sensor. Monitoring of motor winding temperature,.

KT- and KTY-Series Temperature Sensors - HIT HS Karlsruhe
General Technical Data: KT- and KTY-Series Temperature Sensors. These temperature sensors are designed for the measurement, control and regulation of air, gases and liquids within the temperature range of − 50 °C to + 150 °C. The temperature sensing element is an n-conducting silicon crystal in planar technology.

KTY 81-220: Temperature sensor, PTC, 2 kOhm, -55...+150°C at ...
KTY 81-220. Product Description; Technical information. Electrical values. Resistor; 2000 Ohm. General. Design; TC (%/K) at 25° C = 0.79. Temperature range; -55 ... +150. Tolerance; At 25 °C ±2%. Type; Temperature sensor. Specials. Specification; Icont = 1 mA. Temperature sensors with positive temperature coefficient of ...

Motor temperature protection FIMO TA 03 - Fischer Electric Motors
Documentation FIMO TA 03. Page 3 of 10. Fischer Elektromotoren GmbH. Schützenstraße 19. D-74842 Billigheim. 1. Switching of the temperature sensors. In the motor, there are several temperature sensors or temperature switches (KTY, PTC, Klixon). The following circuit diagram shows the arrangement of these sensors ...

Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement
Calibration curves of an NTC thermistor, a KTY temperature sensor, and the output voltage of linearized circuit according to Eq. (15) for temperature span −25◦ to +75◦C. The sensitivity of linearized NTC sensor is twice the sensitivity of KTY which does not need any linearization procedure. R(t) NTC in glass stick or epoxy ...

KTY Temperature Transmitter DT 45600 - DRAGO Automation GmbH
Sensor Input: Measuring input for all KTY temperature sensors Output: 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V Measurement Ranges: -50 to +300 °C, according to sensor type Power Supply: 24 V DC Features: Protective Separation, Housing width: 6.2 mm.
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