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Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd. for the electronics, electrical appliances enterprises supporting Electronic protection element  large conglomerates, It has now become the world's electronics, Appliance industry supporting base. The company located in the world factory in Guangdong , Advantageous geographical conditions, plant a beautiful environment, convenient transportation.
The company covers an area of 15000 m2, Plant construction area of 20000 m2, Number of employees 200 people, With import and export rights. Export sales of the company are: HK YAXUN COMMERCIAL TRADE LIMITED.
The company after years of rapid development, Has a strong research and development technology, And the introduction of country Japan, Austria and other advanced temperature control technology and production equipment. Existing engineering and technology research and development staff of 30 people, And the establishment of an independent R & D laboratories.
Yaxun electronics in domestic and foreign markets enjoy a high reputation, More than 200 kinds of different specifications of the electronic protection components(Thermistor, NTC temperature sensor, Water temperature sensor, PTC thermistor, PTC temperature sensor, Power thermistor, varistor, Electronic ballasts, Energy-saving lamp delay start with PTCR products, PTCR degaussing circuit components for color picture tube, Resettable fuse), For electronic, electrical companies to choose from, At present, with many well-known domestic and foreign companies to establish a stable and good relations of cooperation, Products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries.
Yaxun electronic products are mainly used to start anti-surge, temperature check, temperature control, Temperature compensation,In the military, medical, human life, industrial automation, automotive, security, fire, home appliances, communications and other needs of temperature or overheating, Over-current protection of the field and the occasion has a wide range of applications. Yaxun electronic passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, TS16949 quality management system certification,  ISO14001 environmental management system certification, GB / T29490 intellectual property management system certification; For the AAA credit rating companies; A full range of automated production equipment, Improve the special test equipment.All our products have SGS test report, In line with EU environmental requirements, Products have passed CQC, VDE, CUL, UL, TUV, KC, CE, CB certification, reliable quality, High precision,stability, Good synchronization,Life of more than 100,000 times.
At present our products have been in many occasions to replace EPCOS, Murata, Semitec, TDK, Vishay, LF and other foreign companies products,My company's product line with independent intellectual property rights core technology, With a number of national invention and utility model patents, A number of products have been identified as "high-tech products. "The company produces a high degree of automation, Yield, All varieties, Companies with unique technology and leading-edge technology, Products with high precision,High reliability, High stability and other prominent advantages, In the industry-leading level.
The company's purpose:To the quality of survival,To the credibility of the market,Technology and development, To manage for efficiency;
Select Yaxun Electronics:
China NTC, PTC thermal ceramic materials engineering-class R & D center,China's high-tech enterprises,NTC, PTC thermistor industry standard-setter
Specifications model is complete,To provide you with the best choice, A number of technical patents, Achievement enterprise development power
Strict management system, The authority of international product certification, High-quality products and reliable guaranteeNumerous technical patents, Achievement enterprise development power
Automatic large-scale large-scale production, This provides you with cost-effective products, To provide better, more accurate, more reliable and stable,Cheaper products is the goal we have been pursuing.
Year 2015
  The successful launch of an upgraded version,High Capacity NTC Temperature Sensor
The successful development of intelligent vehicle networking monitoring temperature sensor control side
  my company became the designated supplier ZTE
Year 2014
         Cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences,To help the successful development of temperature monitoring system
       Diesel engine for the Shaanxi R & D, To meet the special environment of the application of water temperature sensor.
year 2013
         Successfully developed a medical refrigerator for temperature sensor monitoring system
         My company has become the photovoltaic industry, a number of companies designated suppliers
        Our company for a number of pharmaceutical companies, to provide meet the GSP certification temperature monitoring system
year 2012
         Obtained design patent certificate
        The CSIC is provided,To meet the harsh environment of the plateau temperature sensor applications
         The successful replacement of a Japanese company in Tianjin long-term use of Shibaura products, To become its long-term fixed suppliers
         Become a designated supplier of Schneider
year 2011 
         Obtain utility model patent certificate
         Become ABB designated suppliers
         Become CSR / CNR designated suppliers
Year 2009
         Ya Xun access to GB / T29490 intellectual property management system certification;
         In cooperation with China Railway Group,Provide high-volume railway construction with temperature sensors
         And wind power plant cooperation,Successfully entered the new energy industry equipment package
         For the power industry to provide supporting the exclusive use of the control system
Year 2008 
    Yaxun through TS16949 quality management system certification
    And Qingdao a ship business cooperation,Development of a dedicated marine temperature control equipment
   And Tsinghua University in Taiwan,Provide high-precision temperature and humidity sensor for him, Application in its development equipment
Year 2007
         Our company successfully deliver the new building of China Mobile room temperature monitoring system
         Yaxun has developed a resistance-type split-type temperature sensor,Can be applied in the harsh,Use under harsh environments
     Domestic unique high-temperature monitoring devices,The successful application in the textile printing and dyeing industry,And be promoted to use
year 2006 
         Through the ISO90000 certification
          And Shanghai Nestle research and development centers,To complete the required temperature alarm monitoring system
         Developed a digital temperature sensor
year 2005
         Developed for the temperature industry-specific temperature control system
         The development of high-temperature-specific temperature sensor,Can be measured (-50-600) ℃ environment temperature
         Developed with the temperature sensor supporting the use of intelligent measurement and control instruments
year 2001
         Yaxun company was established, The company established "tailored, Complete supply, Fast delivery, Life-long service "slogan
         And Zhongshan University, Success for its build a large constant temperature, constant humidity box.




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