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what is Intelligent temperature sensor?

Intelligent temperature sensor is included: Information collection (ie, sensor technology), Information transmission (communication technology) And information processing (computer technology).

Intelligent sensors are cutting-edge products of cutting-edge products. Especially the temperature sensor is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, Scientific research and life and other fields, The highest number of sensors in the first. With the rapid development of microprocessor technology and measurement and control system automation, Intelligent development. The traditional sensor has been combined with a variety of microprocessors, And connected to the network. Formed with information detection, Signal processing, Logical thinking function of intelligent temperature sensor.

The development of intelligent temperature sensor has gone through the following three stages;
(1) the traditional discrete temperature sensor (including sensitive components);
(2) analog integrated temperature sensor / controller;
(3) intelligent temperature sensor:
digital, From integration to intelligent, Networked temperature sensor.
Integrated temperature sensor product classification

  1, analog monolithic integrated temperature sensor:
  The integrated temperature sensor is fabricated using a silicon semiconductor integrated process, So also known as silicon sensor or monolithic integrated temperature sensor. The analog integrated temperature sensor was introduced in the 1980s, It is the silicon temperature sensor integrated in a chip, Can complete the temperature measurement and analog signal output function of the IC.
Analog integrated silicon temperature sensor main features:  a single function (measuring temperature), High precision, low price, fast response, transmission distance, small size, micro-skill, etc., Suitable for long-range temperature measurement, temperature control, no need for non-linear calibration. The peripheral circuit is simple. It is currently in the application of the most common at home and abroad an integrated sensor. Typical products are AD590, AD592, TMP17, LM135, DS1620, DS1623 and so on.
2, programmable temperature controller:
Analog integrated temperature controller,It can be written in advance of different time switch machine or temperature value program,Including temperature control switch,Programmable temperature controller,Typical products are TCN75, LM76, MAX6625, LM56, AD22105 and MAX6509.The Enhanced Integrated Temperature Controller (eg TC652 / 653) also includes an A / D converter and a firmware,But it is self-contained,Work is not subject to microprocessor control.
3, intelligent temperature sensor:
Intelligent temperature sensors (also known as digital temperature sensors) came out in the mid-1990s. It is the crystallization of microelectronics, computer technology and automated testing technology (ATE). At present, the international community has developed a variety of intelligent temperature sensor products. Intelligent temperature sensor inside contains temperature sensor, A / D converter, signal processor, memory (or register) and interface circuit. Some products also with multi-channel selector, Central controller (cpu), Random access memory (RAM) and read only memory (ROM). Intelligent temperature sensor is characterized by the output temperature data and the relevant temperature control, Adapt to a variety of microcontrollers (MCU); And it is based on the hardware through the software to achieve the test function. Its degree of intelligence also depends on the level of software development.

In the mid-90s of the 20th century, the first launch of the intelligent temperature sensor, Using the 8-bit A / D converter, Its temperature accuracy is low, Resolution can only reach 1 degree. Foreign countries have launched a variety of high-precision, High-resolution intelligent temperature sensor. Using a 9 to 12 A / D converter, Resolution is generally up to 0.5 ~ 0.0625 degrees. By the United States DALLAS semiconductor company developed a new DS1624 high-resolution intelligent temperature sensor, Can output 13-bit binary data. Its resolution up to 0.03125 degrees, Temperature accuracy is positive and negative 0.2 degrees.
Intelligent temperature sensor

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