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What is temperature sensor?

Temperature sensor (temperature transducer) is able to feel the temperature, And the temperature is converted into the output signal of the sensor. Temperature sensor is the core of temperature measuring instruments, a wide variety. According to the measurement can be divided into contact and non-contact two categories,According to the characteristics of sensor materials and electronic components into thermal resistance and thermocouple two categories.
Thermal resistance is divided into NTC (negative temperature coefficient thermistor) and PTC (positive temperature coefficient thermistor), PT100, PT1000

Temperature sensor from the point of view can be divided into contact and non-contact two categories. The former is to let the temperature sensor directly contact with the measured object,Sensing the measured object temperature changes. While the latter is to make the temperature sensor and the measured object to maintain a certain distance, Using the infrared sensor object temperature measurement, So as to achieve the purpose of temperature measurement.
The traditional thermocouple, NTC thermistor, PTC thermistor and semiconductor temperature sensors are the resistance value after the chip digital-analog conversion. Output analog voltage or current signal, With these voltage or current signals can be temperature measurement and control. While the analog temperature sensor and digital-analog conversion chip integrated together, It becomes a digital temperature sensor with digital output capability. With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, Semiconductor temperature sensor and the corresponding chip conversion circuit. Interface circuit and a variety of other functional circuits are gradually integrated together, The formation of a powerful, accurate, low cost digital temperature sensor.
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