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Voltage Dependent Resistor Datasheet

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Zinc Oxide Varistors. Introduction. ZINC OXIDE VARISTORS. PROTECTION FUNCTION. APPLICATION. Definition of the varistor effect. The varistor effect is defined as being the property of any material whose electrical resistance changes non-linearly with the voltage applied to its terminals. In other words, within a given ...

“ZNR” Transient/Surge Absorbers - Panasonic Industrial Devices
Ask factory for the current technical specifications before purchase and/or use. Should a ... ZNRs are zinc-oxide nonlinear resistors whose resistance changes as a function of the applied voltage. These ... ZNR “Zinc Oxide Nonlinear Resistor” is a trade mark of voltage dependent resistor elements by Panasonic. ZNR is in ...

MOV - Metal Oxide Varistor | Voltage Dependent Resistor
Varistor is short for 'varying resistor' but is currently used only for voltage variable resistors also known as voltage dependent resistor (VDR). The resistance of this two-terminal device varies with voltage applied across its terminals. The resistance variation is nonlinear, similar to a zener diode. For voltages below a threshold ...

MERITEK Metal Oxide Varistors - Meritek Electronics Corporation
Metal Oxide Varistors. MVRSeries. Description ... Ø32.0. Ø40.0. Ø53.0. Ø34.0. Varistor Voltage. The first two digits are significant figures and the third one denotes the number of zeros following. Decimal point is represented by R: CODE. 330 ... Specifications are subject to change without notice. rev.6b. * Notes: A suffix may ...

SIOV metal oxide varistors, General technical information - Epcos
SIOV metal oxide varistors, General technical information - Epcos
the data sheet). Block types. The large electromagnetic forces involved in handling currents between 10 kA and 100 kA call for solid contacting with special electrodes and potting in a plastic housing. Block varistors are electri- cally and mechanically connected by screw terminals. Strap types. After contacting of the varistor ...

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV), Basics, Working, Specifications ...
A varistor/voltage dependent resistor (VDR) is a component which has a voltage – current characteristics that is very much similar to that of a diode. This component is used to protect electrical devices from high transient voltages. They are planted in the devices in such a manner that it will short itself when ..

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The DatasheetArchive - Datasheet Search Engine - Octopart
GE-MOV® zinc oxide varistors are voltage dependent, symmetrical resistors which perform in a manner similar to back--t0-back zener diodes in circuit protective functions and offer advantages in performance and economics. The. ZA series is characterized at the lmADC varistor voltage following i10% EIA values as are ...

14D471K Datasheet PDF Download
ELECTRONICS Circuit Protection System Metal Oxide Varistors 14D Series Specifications are subject to change without notice.   Metal Oxi, 14D471K pdf. BETTER ELECTRONICS, 14D471K, Metal-Oxide Varistor 14D Series Metal-Oxide Varistor Features Wide ...
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