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2017 CFL preheat soft start PTCR thermistor amount to more than 70 million

2017 CFL preheat soft start PTCR thermistor amount to more than 70 million
 Energy-saving lamps with its energy-saving lighting, The advantages of environmental protection has become the trend of globalization, Market growth is extremely rapid. At the same time, as an indispensable energy-saving lamps PTCR thermistor market potential is considerable. The market is expected in 2017 China's energy-saving lamps PTCR thermistor number reached 70 million.
  China's energy-saving lamp industry started in the 20th century, 70 years, After 30 years of development. China's energy-saving lamp industry has initially formed a production of energy-saving lamps, including epitaxial wafers, Energy-saving lamp chip preparation. Energy-saving lamp chip packaging and energy-saving lamp products, including the application of a more complete industrial chain. In the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project" to promote, The formation of Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Shijiazhuang seven National Semiconductor Lighting Project Industrialization Base.

 CFL soft start PTCR thermistor, Is the PTCR thermistor used in energy-saving lamp electronic ballast. Do not have to change the product line directly connected across the resonant capacitor at both ends of the lamp, Can change the electronic ballast,Electronic energy-saving lamps into the pre-warm start soft start. The preheating time of the filament is 0.4 to 2.0 seconds, Can extend the lamp life more than four times.
Statistics show that, 2016 energy-saving lamps indoor general lighting drive power market size of 55.8 billion yuan, An increase of 87%. More than energy-saving lamps landscape lighting power supply market size, Ranking first in all fields. Energy-saving lamps indoor general lighting in 2015 in the commercial and office areas to be a larger application. Annual domestic energy-saving lamps indoor general lighting output value of 33.5 billion yuan, an increase of 80%.

 Now in the development of energy-saving lamp power,Modular and intelligent energy-saving lamp power has also aroused a lot of people's hot. In fact, modularization refers to the use of standardized,Industrial packaging,Through technology, technology and other innovations to reduce costs, To achieve large-scale manufacturing. The intelligent generally refers to the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted and control off lights.

 For the modular and intelligent issues, But it is each holding the views of various families. Mainly for commercial lighting power industry insiders said, Energy-saving lamps after the cost of modular power will be lower. Intelligent to meet the needs of people's lives, Such as dimming, thermostat and so on. Involving indoor and outdoor lighting, Skyworth lighting, said the total work of Chen, Modular and intelligent lighting is a general trend. The future of this development on the whole energy-saving lamps have good aspects of lighting. Like cell phone chargers, If you can use a common,Very good change control. The intelligent, More energy-saving lamps to play the advantages.

 There are more and more energy-saving lamp driver power supply manufacturers in the introduction of PTCR thermistor in the circuit protection applications. Energy-saving lamp power industry's rapid growth, But also for PTCR thermistor and other related supporting electronic components bring more opportunities.
Energy saving lamp PTCR thermistor temperature curve
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