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What is ceramic PTC?

Is a thermistor with a positive temperature coefficient characteristic. Using barium titanate powder BaTio as the matrix and the electronic ceramic process from high temperature sintering.

The main advantages of ceramic PTC are easy to manufacture,Cheap, there are dozens to several thousand Ω range. Suitable for small current overcurrent protection. For the program-controlled switch user interface circuit anti-high voltage lightning, AC overlap. Because of its normal work flow through the loop current is small (about ten to several tens of mA) Allowing the series resistance in the range of several Ω to several hundred Ω, Therefore, organic PTC and ceramic PTC can be applied. In particular, it is more appropriate to use a ceramic PTC when the series resistance is allowed to be more than 10Ω. More used in heating devices, In some small signal circuits, Do not need to consider the loss of electrical appliances can be selected.

The disadvantage is that high temperature overheating prone to negative resistance effect (resistance becomes smaller),  The scope of application is relatively narrow,But the resistance is large, bulky, in the circuit loss, the protection speed is slow,In the order of hundreds of ms, heat capacity, recovery time is long.
Such as:
Can not be applied to fast protection of the circuit, automotive wiring harness protection, PCB trace protection.
Ceramic PTC
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