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What is the power type thermistor?

Power thermistor is also a kind of ntc thermistor, Selected nano-raw materials developed by the suppression of surge power NTC thermistor. It can inhibit the instantaneous surge current generated when the boot, Effective absorption circuit inrush current, To ensure the normal operation of the circuit.

 Electrical products will produce an instantaneous surge current. In the circuit, series power type NTC thermistor, Can effectively suppress the surge current when the boot. After the inrush current suppression is complete, As the current through the return to normal, The resistance value of the power thermistor will drop to a very small degree, It consumes the power can be ignored, Will not affect the normal working current. So in the electrical circuit to install a power NTC thermistor, Is to suppress the starting surge current, The easiest way to protect electronic equipment from damage.
Power type thermistor
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