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What is NTC?

NTC is the abbreviation for Negative Temperature Coefficient,It refers to a large negative temperature coefficient thermistor or a semiconductor material,The so-called NTC thermistor is the higher the temperature the smaller the resistance of the resistor.NTC thermistor can be widely used in temperature measurement, temperature compensation, suppression of inrush current and other occasions.

NTC (Negative Temperature Coeff1Cient) refers to the temperature rise with the resistance index is reduced, Thermistor with negative temperature coefficient and material. The material is made of manganese, copper, silicon, cobalt, iron, nickel, zinc and other two or more metal oxides. For the full mixing, molding, sintering and other technology made of semiconductor ceramics, Can be made with a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor. The resistivity and material constant vary with the material composition ratio, sintering atmosphere, sintering temperature and structure state.
Now also appeared to silicon carbide, tin selenide, tantalum nitride as the representative, Non-oxidant NTC thermistor material.
Single-ended glass sealed thermistor
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