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Single-ended glass sealed thermistor characteristics

Thermistor are commonly used in several packages: 1, epoxy resin 2, SMD. 3, Glass seal
Ordinary epoxy resin NTC thermistor its use temperature range is generally in the -40 ~ +125 degrees or so. Epoxy Resin NTC thermistor will be limited by the head encapsulation material, Its use temperature range is generally not more than 150 degrees. Once more than this temperature range, It will destroy the epoxy resin sealing performance. But also affect the stability of the thermistor and security.
NTC thermistor before the temperature can only reach 125 ℃. If more than this temperature can not be used again, Because the high temperature will make the epoxy resin melt, And seriously corrode the chip silver layer, Resulting in NTC thermistor resistance becomes larger or smaller, Or other quality problems, until the temperature sensor failure. Thermistor after years of development, In order to meet the needs of the market. Yaxun Electronics for the development of high-temperature thermistor chip, Operating temperature range from -50 ° C to + 300 ° C. Hot time constant in 3-4 seconds.And can work at high temperatures for 120 minutes.

My company's glass package thermistor includes:
(diode resistance type and single-ended glass type), After several years of rapid development, Glass sealed thermistor production bulk supply, Product price is accepted by customers. If the customer needs high temperature thermistor, Please use a glass-enclosed thermistor. Single-ended glass seal, also known as MF-51, Also known as radial glass package thermistor. With small size, fast response, high precision, anti-aging, temperature tolerance of various characteristics. Now this can be high temperature NTC components, Fill the NTC thermistor blank.

Glass seal Product introduction:
There are three kinds of glass thermistor package:
SMD, single-ended glass seal, axial diodes
Glass package Features:

0.5 ~ 1000 KΩ · High precision, high precision
Glass packaging reasons, can be applied to high temperature and humidity harsh environment
Small, sturdy, so mounted on printed circuit board can also be high response, high response
Use temperature range: - 55 ℃ ~ 300 ℃
Glass seal installation size:
mode D L1max L2 d±0.05
MF51-2.00 2.00±0.20 3.80 30±5 50±5 0.23
MF51-1.20 1.20±0.20 1.80 30±5 50±5 0.21
MF51-0.70 0.80±0.20 1.20 30±5 50±5 0.15

Glass sealed thermistor
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