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NTC thermistor affects the accuracy of forehead temperature gun

The performance of NTC thermistor affects the accuracy of forehead temperature gun
Taking into account the calibration error of the two standard temperature points of the forehead temperature gun and the system error of the circuit device, the error caused by the performance of the NTC thermistor packaged in the thermopile must be considered. It can be seen from the table below that products with a B-value accuracy of ±2% cannot meet the accuracy requirements of a forehead temperature gun, and a B-value accuracy of ±1% to meet the national standard is also very reluctant. Therefore, in order to meet the temperature measurement accuracy requirements of the forehead gun, the accuracy of the NTC thermistor B value should be selected as high as possible.

B value high precision NTC thermistor

It needs to be pointed out that NTC thermistor, as the temperature measurement benchmark of the thermopile in the forehead gun, not only requires high B value accuracy and good batch consistency, but also requires high reliability and good stability. The annual drift rate of NTC thermistor must generally be controlled within ±0.4%, so that the temperature error due to its drift can be less than 0.1°C/year. The annual drift rate of NTC thermistors produced by YAXUN Electronics is less than 0.04%. The resulting temperature error is less than 0.01°C/year, and it will not exceed 0.1°C in 10 years.

In fact, the MF58 thermistor product made by this chip produced by UAXUN Electronics has passed CQC certification, UL, and C-UL certification many years ago. It has passed the 100,000-time durability life test in the extremely severe UL standard, passed the AEC-Q200 full performance test, and the environmental protection RoHS test. This is outstanding not only domestically, but also internationally.
This kind of small size NTC thermistor is packaged in blue film and is suitable for bonding, electronic soldering, plug-in immersion soldering and other processes. Not only in the thermopile for forehead guns, but also in IGBT modules, information control modules, heat pipe reactor controllers, optical communications, semiconductor lasers/detectors, etc. have a wide range of applications.
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