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NTC temperature sensor used in smart electric heating faucet

NTC temperature sensor used in smart electric heating faucet
With the improvement of people's quality of life and the continuous development of technology, more and more families choose smart electric faucets that can directly produce hot water. The NTC temperature sensor is used in this type of faucet, which measures the temperature of the water and then controls the temperature of the outlet water. When washing dishes, cooking and washing, it can produce comfortable hot water for 3-5 seconds, which is welcomed by consumers. Therefore, the role of the NTC temperature sensor in the smart electric faucet is very important.

This kind of smart electric faucet has a heating cavity and a control cavity in the main body. A heating body is arranged in the heating cavity. A control circuit is set in the control cavity. The main body is provided with a water inlet and a water outlet. The water inlet is connected with a water inlet channel. The water outlet is connected with the heating cavity and the water outlet channel. The water flow between the water inlet channel and the heating chamber is controlled by the valve core. The main body is also provided with a water inlet detection channel, and a mechanical part of the water inlet activation switch is arranged in the water inlet detection channel. The water inlet start switch is connected to the control circuit, and the water inlet channel is connected to the water inlet detection channel and the heating chamber. The water flow entering the water inlet detection channel triggers the closing of the water inlet start switch. A temperature probe using an NTC temperature sensor is arranged in the heating chamber or the water outlet channel, and the temperature probe is connected to the central controller through the temperature detection module.

Compared with smart faucets, traditional electric faucets that do not use NTC temperature sensors for temperature measurement and control are generally controlled by a handle. When the handle is turned to the cold water state, the cold water is directly discharged, and when the handle is moved to the hot water state, the water flow is heated. The adjustment of the degree of heat and cold is mainly adjusted by the size of the flow. In the actual use process, the water temperature is unstable, sometimes it is too hot and it is easy to cause burns, and sometimes it is too cold and the heating effect cannot be achieved. To adjust to the proper temperature, it is necessary to adjust the handle many times, which is very inconvenient to use.

The NTC temperature sensor produced by YXAUN Electronics has the advantages of high temperature control accuracy, good batch consistency, good stability, high reliability, and long service life. The core components of NTC temperature sensor MF52, MF51, MF58 produced by YXAUN Electronics have passed CQC, TUV, UL, CUL and other certifications and AEC-Q200 testing. MF58 series products have passed 100,000 endurance tests in the UL standard. Excellent performance and reliable quality have made the NTC temperature sensor produced by YXAUN company more and more widely used in smart electric faucets, and the market share has expanded rapidly.
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