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NTC temperature sensor for smart water cup

The temperature of liquid such as water in the cup is measured with an NTC temperature sensor, and then directly displayed on the cup body. It is one of the functions that many smart water cups can achieve.

Everyone needs to drink water every day. The cup is essential. It can also be used to drink tea, coffee, and beverages. The water in the cup is very hot and you may accidentally burn your mouth. Insulated cups or cups with handles, because you can’t feel the temperature of the cup when you hold the cup, it’s easy to get hot when you drink water. Especially when some old people take medicine, they need to take it with a certain temperature of water in order to achieve the best effect. Therefore, the smart water cup with temperature display is very good.

In the smart water cup, a switch module, a small battery, a single-chip microcomputer, an NTC temperature sensor, a liquid crystal display panel, a switch module, and a liquid crystal display panel are placed. The NTC temperature sensor is electrically connected with the single-chip microcomputer, and the single-chip microcomputer and the liquid crystal display panel are all powered by a small battery. The NTC temperature sensor can detect the temperature of the water in the cup, and then the NTC temperature sensor sends a signal to the microcontroller. The single-chip microcomputer controls the liquid crystal display panel to display the temperature of the water in the cup, and the user can intuitively see the temperature of the water.

Smart water cup (with NTC thermistor inside)

YAXUN Electronics' temperature measurement series NTC thermistor components can be made into various styles of NTC temperature sensors for smart water cups. The product has high reliability, good consistency and long service life. The core components of its NTC temperature sensor have passed CQC mark certification, German TUV certification and American UL, C-UL safety certification. Automotive grade MF52, MF51, and MF58 have passed AEC-Q200 testing. MF58 series products have passed 100,000 endurance tests in the UL standard.
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