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Application of NTC Thermistor Sensor in Temperature Measurement of Intelligent Women's Underwear

More than 1 million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and nearly 40% of them die as a result. However, if breast cancer patients can be detected and treated at an early stage (no lymph node involvement), the cure rate can reach 80% to 90%. So a company in the United States has introduced smart underwear, which can detect breast cancer cells six years ahead of time, so it is expected to save thousands of breast cancer patients'lives.

Today, the accuracy of mammograms commonly used in hospitals is only 70%, and 43.1% are false positives (test results show that the disease exists, but it does not exist). The accuracy of this high-tech underwear is as high as 92.1%, and the probability of false positives is also significantly reduced.
Modern technologies such as breast 3DX light examination have been able to diagnose early breast cancer, but these methods can cause physical discomfort to the patient and expose the patient to radiation. It is important to develop a safe, effective and comfortable test method for this purpose.

There is now a female underwear with a built-in sensor on the market. It is a smart underwear that can determine if there is a suspicious mass in the breast by measuring subtle changes in temperature at the breast.

Previous studies have shown that if there are cancer cells in the human body, some abnormal blood vessels will form in the human body, causing changes in the temperature of the corresponding parts of the body. In response to this phenomenon, designers have installed temperature sensors in women's underwear, hoping to determine whether there are suspicious masses in the breast by measuring the subtle changes in breast temperature. This kind of smart underwear that can prevent breast diseases such as breast cancer in advance. It is characterized in that it comprises two cups covering the breast, and the inner end surface of the cup recess is provided with a plurality of sensors for monitoring breast data information. The temperature detection in the sensor uses the NTC thermistor chip, which combines the advantages of high precision, fast response and high reliability of the NTC thermistor chip into the underwear module. Breast can be monitored by temperature data.
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