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Yaxun NTC temperature sensor is Intelligent rice cooker safe and reliable guarantee

Yaxun NTC temperature sensor is Intelligent rice cooker safe and reliable guarantee
 Zhejiang ASD Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (ASD) is a set of cooking utensils,Kitchen small appliances research and development, manufacturing, marketing as one of the joint-stock enterprises.But also small appliances listed group,Smart rice cooker is the main product of the company,The main success of the product is a good accessory.
Rice cooker temperature sensor

Intelligent rice cookers are generally installed temperature sensor,The temperature sensor and the single-chip microcomputer are combined to realize the intelligentization of the electric rice cooker,Now the rice cooker is not just a simple cooking function,Smart rice cooker can now soup,Intelligent rice cooker with a timer function,Can be a good control of time,This is the original rice cooker can not be achieved.
Intelligent electric rice cooker temperature sensor interface,SCM signal is actually detected with the temperature sensor divider voltage of the voltage value,The resistance value of the NTC thermistor RT of the temperature sensor decreases as the temperature increases,Changing the pin potential of the op amp IC changes the control temperature.

my company Focus on the production of temperature sensors for 15 years,The temperature sensor is suitable for all household appliances.Yaxun Electronics in 2009 and reached a cooperation agreement Ai Shida electrical appliances,A Shida products designated supporting manufacturers.Has been co-operation to the present, the realization of my company for many years supply 0 bad product records.
Rice cooker NTC temperature sensor

Customer Testimonials:
      Choose been Ya Xun Electronics as core suppliers,In your company processing custom temperature sensors used in most of our home appliances company,Yaxun temperature sensor is safe and reliable guarantee,Hope to work with your company, as always, go on.

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