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Wireless temperature measurement system, wireless temperature online monitoring system

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Product Introduction


Wireless temperature sensor

The traditional temperature measurement method has a long cycle, complicated construction, low efficiency, and is not easy to manage.
In the event of a failure, it takes a lot of manpower to physically check and re-lay cables. In some cases, the monitoring points are scattered, the environment is closed, or there is a high voltage. Many temperature measurement methods cannot achieve measurement work.

Wireless temperature measurement system, also known as wireless temperature online monitoring system. It integrates advanced Xinli intelligent sensor network technology, wireless communication technology, low-power technology, anti-interference technology and automation control technology into one high-tech product. It consists of XL90 intelligent gateway, XL62 intelligent measurement and control device, XL66 intelligent converter, XL61 wireless temperature sensor and background monitoring management system. On-site and remote simultaneous online monitoring and early warning can be realized for a variety of equipment temperature changes under harsh environmental conditions. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to fully grasp the equipment running status in a timely manner.

The wireless temperature measurement system has the characteristics of real-time online monitoring, harsh working environment, convenient installation, and timely warning. It can effectively ensure the safety of high voltage electrical equipment. Currently widely used in the power industry, agriculture, high temperature environment and low temperature environment.

Wireless temperature measurement system, four areas commonly used in wireless temperature online monitoring system

Power industry application
Electrical equipment in operation typically operates in high voltage and high current conditions, and certain defects in the equipment can cause abnormal temperature rises in the equipment components. Excessive temperatures can cause burns, explosions, and even equipment damage or quality accidents. Yaxun's wireless temperature measurement system can monitor the fault occurrence of electrical equipment such as switch cabinets in real time, and can control the occurrence of electrical accidents in a timely and effective manner.

1. On-line monitoring of temperature of moving contact, static contact and cable contact of high voltage switchgear;

2, low-voltage switchgear contacts, cable joints and other temperature online monitoring;

3, capacitors; circuit breakers, isolation switches and other temperature online monitoring;

4, motor outlet box cable connector and other temperature online monitoring;

5. On-line monitoring of cable tunnel cable surface, cable joints, cable interlayers, etc.;

Agricultural applications

Winery wine cellar, curved house; coal pile; paper mill; Food processing plants; Livestock and poultry aquaculture; greenhouse vegetables, mushroom greenhouses, etc.

High temperature applications

Rotary kiln; steam boiler; rotomolding machine; gas, water supply, heating pipe trench, etc.

Low temperature applications

Cold chain system, in the pharmaceutical industry, the processing, storage, transportation and sales of temperature-sensitive commodities such as vaccines, biological agents and pharmaceuticals. It is necessary to record and track the temperature parameters in each process to ensure product quality.

Cold chain system; freezer; cold storage, freezer, etc.
Wireless temperature sensor

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