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What is a digital temperature and humidity sensor?

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Product Introduction


Digital temperature and humidity sensor:
It is able to convert the physical quantity of temperature and the physical quantity of humidity into a digital sensor directly read by a data acquisition device such as a computer, a plc or a smart meter through a temperature and humidity sensitive component and a corresponding circuit.

Chinese name: Digital temperature sensor
Foreign name: temperature transmitter

Working voltage: 12V~24VDC
Accuracy: better than ± 0.5 ° C (0 ~ 50 ° C
Humidity measurement range: 0~100%RH

Digital Temperature Sensor Function Description

RS232 data format interface;
RS485 data format interface;
a bus data format interface;
CAN bus data format interface;
ZIGBEE data format interface;
TCP/IP data format interface.
Duty cycle output;
I2C output;

working principle
When the power is turned on, the digital temperature sensor is in an energy-off state. After power is supplied, the user is in continuous conversion temperature mode or single conversion mode by changing the register resolution. In continuous conversion mode, the digital temperature sensor continuously converts the temperature and stores the result in a temperature register; Reading the contents of the temperature register does not affect its temperature conversion. In a single conversion mode, the digital temperature sensor performs a temperature conversion, the result is stored in the temperature register, and then returned to the off mode, which is suitable for temperature sensitive applications. In the application, the user can set the resolution register to achieve different temperature resolution. The resolution is 8 bits, 9 bits, 10 bits, 11 bits or 12 bits, and the corresponding temperature resolution is 1.0 ° C, 0.5 ° C, 0.25 ° C, 0.125 ° C or 0.0625 ° C. The default resolution for temperature conversion results is 9 bits. The DS1722 has two communication interfaces: Motorola serial interface and standard three-wire interface. The user can select the communication standard through the SERMODE pin.

27 Address (TMP175)
8 addresses (TMP75)
Digital output: two-wire serial interface
Resolution: 9 - 12 digits, user selectable
±0.5°C (maximum) at -25°C to +85°C
±2.0°C (max) temperature range from -40°C to +125°C
Low quiescent current:
50μA, 0.1μA standby
Wide power range: 2.7V to 5.5V
Small SO-8 and MSOP -8 packages

POWER - Power Temperature Monitoring
Computer peripheral thermal protection
Notebook computer
Battery management
Office machine
Thermostat control
Environmental Monitoring and HVAC
Electromechanical equipment temperature

Typical application of digital temperature sensor
Today, with the increasing degree of informatization, the computer room responsible for information processing and exchange is the data transmission center, data processing center and data exchange center of the entire information network project.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment room and the staff have a good working environment, monitoring the temperature and humidity of the equipment room is essential. Reasonable and normal temperature and humidity environment is an important guarantee for the normal operation of equipment room equipment.

The requirements of the computer room site are mainly based on the national standard "GB2887-89 calculation site technical conditions", "GB9361-88 calculation site safety requirements" and GB50174-93 electronic computer room design specifications. With the continuous development of computer technology and the widespread use of computer systems, the computer room environment must meet the technical requirements of computer equipment for temperature and humidity.

The temperature and humidity of the equipment room are necessary for the normal operation of the computer equipment. We must install a temperature and humidity sensor in a reasonable position in the equipment room to achieve real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity for 24 hours. And the temperature and humidity measurement values of each position can be displayed in real time on the monitoring host of the central control room. Once the value exceeds the upper and lower limits of the preset temperature and humidity, the alarm can be alarmed by changing the color value of the corresponding position on the monitoring host. In order to monitor the temperature and humidity of the whole machine room as a whole, a temperature and humidity transmitter can be installed to detect the temperature and humidity at the air inlet of the new fan and the air return of the main air conditioner.

Temperature and humidity monitoring is used in addition to equipment room monitoring. It can also be widely used in places and fields where bio-pharmaceuticals, sterile rooms, clean workshops, telecommunications banks, libraries, archives, cultural relics, intelligent buildings and other industries require temperature and humidity monitoring.
temperature and humidity senso

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