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What is a PTC thermistor?

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-07-19 08:28

Introduction to PTC thermistors
PTC thermistor heating elements are high-tech products that are modern and future. It is widely used in light industry, residential, transportation, aerospace, agriculture, medical, environmental protection, mining, civil equipment, etc. It has superior advantages compared with heating elements such as nickel, chrome or far infrared.

1. Special functions of constant temperature, temperature adjustment and automatic temperature control
When AC or DC voltage is applied to PTC element, the resistivity is very low below Curie point temperature. When the temperature exceeds Curie point, the resistivity increases suddenly, and the current decreases to a stable value, so as to achieve the goal of automatic control of temperature and constant temperature.

2, no burning, safe and reliable
When the PTC element is heated, it does not turn red, and there is no open flame (the resistance wire is red and has an open flame), and it is not easy to burn. When the temperature around the PTC component exceeds the limit, its power automatically drops to the balance value without risk of burning.

3, power saving
The energy input of the PTC element uses a proportional, finite-current action that saves power compared to the switched energy input of a heating element such as a nickel-chromium wire.

4, long life
The PTC element itself is an oxide, and there is no high-temperature oxidation disadvantage of the nickel-chromium wire, and there is no fragile phenomenon of the infrared tube, and the life is long. And the porous type has a longer life than the non-porous type.

5, the structure is simple
The PTC component itself is automatically temperature controlled, and no additional automatic control of the temperature line device is required. In particular, our company's new product, the porous PTC, does not require other heat sinks and does not require conductive adhesive.

6, a wide range of operating voltage
PTC components are normally used at low voltage (6-36 volts) and high voltage (110-240 volts).

What is the use of PTC thermistors?
Low-voltage PTC components are suitable for all types of low-voltage heaters, low-temperature compensation of instruments, heaters on automobiles and computer peripherals.
High-voltage PTC components are suitable for heating electrical equipment:
Electric heating plate, shoe drying machine, hot melt glue gun, rice cooker, electric heating shoe, electric mosquito repellent, intravenous heating, portable plastic sealing machine, steam comb, steam generator, humidifier, curling iron, video recorder, Copiers, vending machines, hot air curtains, hand warmers, tea dryers, water pipes heaters, travel dryers, car paint booths, liquefied gas bottle heaters, showers, beauty devices, electric tables, bottle thermostats, Electric therapy device, electric hot water bottle, electric blanket, etc.

Yaxun produces porous, non-porous PTC thermistors

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