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Protective Effect of Self-Recovery Fuse PTC in Ultrasound Atomizer and Humidifier

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-07-14 15:49

Ultrasonic nebulizers and humidifiers are new products in recent years. Their working principle is to generate shock through the atomizing sheet, and the liquid changes from liquid to gas under the action of the atomizing sheet. Humidifiers are generally used in many areas such as homes, shopping malls, stages, and so on. Medical nebulizers are used in hospitals and homes. These machines are small, easy to use, ideal for treatment and use, and are the choice of more and more users.

These two types of machines usually work the same way. The biggest feature of the machine is that if the atomizing piece continues to be energized in the absence of water, it will cause the current to increase several times from the normal operating current. The atomized sheet is heated rapidly in the absence of water. The temperature of the atomized sheet is as high as several hundred degrees, and it will soon burn out the other plastic structures of the machine and the damage of the atomizing sheet device of the machine itself. If you do not take certain effective measures, it will inevitably burn the atomizer of the machine, and it will melt the plastic part of the machine of the accessory atomizer. More seriously, the current is too large, and even the power supply part of the transformer is hot and burned out.

There is a very simple and practical way to solve such problems: We first determined the operating current of the machine and then tested it with a self-recovering fuse PTC from Yaxun. Install the self-recovering fuse on the bottom of the atomizer, fix it with double-sided tape, and then connect this fuse element in series with the power circuit. Thus, if the machine is dry burning without adding water, the machine atomized sheet immediately generates high temperatures. The 15 second temperature has been passed to the regenerable fuse we installed. When the temperature reaches a certain height, the PTC is in a high-resistance state to form a protection, thereby effectively protecting the machine, and the atomized piece no longer works.

Self-recovering fuse applied to atomizer

The self-recovering fuse (PPTC: Polymer Self-Recovering Fuse) is a positive temperature coefficient polymer thermistor for overcurrent protection. When the circuit is working normally, its resistance is small (the voltage drop is small). When an overcurrent occurs in the circuit to increase its temperature, the resistance increases dramatically by several orders of magnitude. The current in the circuit is reduced to below the safe value, so that the back circuit is protected, and the over-current is automatically restored to the low resistance value after it disappears.

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