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Precision Glass Microfusion Pressure Sensor Manufacturer

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Product Introduction


Principle of glass micro-melting technology for glass micro-fusion pressure sensor
The glass micro-melting technology uses a silicon strain gauge, which is combined with a stainless steel diaphragm by high-temperature sintering. The product has no hysteresis, high sensitivity, good stability, good controllability of the process, and is suitable for mass production.
Glass micro-melting technology of glass micro-fusion pressure sensor

Silicon strain gauge (silicon varistor strain gauge)
The silicon strain gauge is sintered at a high temperature on a stainless steel diaphragm, and the equivalent four resistors form a bridge. When there is a gas or liquid pressure on the other side of the stainless steel diaphragm, the diaphragm undergoes a slight deformation, causing a change in the four gauge resistances that are sintered on the diaphragm. When the bridge is powered by voltage, a voltage output proportional to the pressure is generated.

The differential output of the bridge needs to be temperature compensated and normalized so that the compensated sensor output is 0-100 mV. Then, after signal amplification, it is converted into a standard signal for industrial use, 4~20mA or 0~5V. The circuit part needs to be packaged and soldered to protect the industrial environment.

The micro-melting series is a model for the company to apply aviation technology to modern equipment. The principle is to use a high temperature glass to melt the micromachined silicon varistor strain gauge on the stainless steel isolating diaphragm. The glass bonding process avoids the effects of temperature, humidity, mechanical fatigue and media on the glue and materials, thereby improving the long-term stability of the sensor in an industrial environment. At the same time, the phenomenon of P-N junction effect that may occur in the traditional micromachining manufacturing process of the sensor is also avoided.
Product advantages:
• Cost-effective, 30% less cost than conventional pressure sensors
• Compact, weld-free, saving 40% space compared to conventional pressure sensors
• Product technology is mature and production efficiency is high, and its production capacity can be increased by about 40% compared with ordinary pressure sensors.
• Multiple signal output modes for customizable production, making your system design lighter and easier
• A variety of pressure interfaces and electrical connections are available, completely replacing foreign similar products
• Superior anti-destructive capability: 5X standard range minimizes the possibility of diaphragm damage

Glass Microfusion Pressure Sen

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