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PT1000 Thermal Resistance Composition Type and Application Range

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Product Introduction


Keywords: PT1000 thermal resistance, PT1000 temperature sensor, thermal resistance, PT1000 application range

PT1000 is a platinum thermal resistor whose resistance is proportional to the change of temperature. The relationship between the resistance of PT1000 and temperature is: When the PT1000 temperature is 0 ° C, its resistance is 1000 ohms, and its resistance at 100 ° C is about 1385.05 ohms. Its industrial principle: the resistance will increase at a constant rate as the temperature rises.

Application range
High-precision temperature equipment such as medical, motor, industrial, temperature calculation, and resistance calculation, has a wide range of applications.

High temperature 300 ℃ PT1000 temperature sensor

Product Categories
Temperature and humidity sensor
Temperature and humidity are two physical parameters that interact most with humans in nature. Whether in the production laboratory or in the leisure and living places, the collection or control of temperature and humidity is very frequent and important. Moreover, networked remote collection of temperature and humidity and alarm is an inevitable trend in the development of modern technology.
Since temperature and humidity are closely related to the physical quantity itself or the actual people's lives, the temperature and humidity integrated sensor will be generated accordingly.
PT1000 thermal resistance

Order:PT1000 Thermal Resistance Composition Type and Application Range

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