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NTC thermistor for blood glucose measurement

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-10-23 14:11

For people with diabetes, blood glucose measurement has become a part of everyday life. Accurate blood glucose data helps doctors better determine their condition and get the right treatment. Yaxun Electronics adopts advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology and combines independent intellectual property rights to realize high reliability and mass production of NTC thermistors and NTC chips. Provides more accurate data for blood glucose measurement.

Today, we will introduce a blood glucose monitoring system. Play a monitoring role in the measurement of blood glucose levels at the same time, always concerned about the physical condition of the patient, the doctor can perform to respond more quickly in case of emergency. The blood glucose measurement system includes a blood glucose meter with NTC thermistor and a set of measurement data management devices. The blood glucose meter is a portable measuring instrument that operates on a lithium-ion battery and is just the size of an adult. When the doctor or nurse needs to measure the patient's blood sugar level, use the blood glucose meter to take a small amount of blood sample from the patient's earlobe, finger, arm or the like to obtain blood glucose data. The blood glucose meter is then connected to the measurement data management device via a USB transmission line for data transmission and reception with the measurement data management device. If a measurement data table exists in the blood glucose meter, the measurement data stored in the measurement data table can be transmitted to the measurement data management device.

If a predetermined command is transmitted from the measurement data management device, the measurement data management device can download the setting data of the blood glucose meter from the blood glucose meter. In addition, the measurement data management device can also upload patient data, user group data, and the like to the blood glucose meter. In addition, the blood glucose meter includes a highly sensitive NTC thermistor that measures the air temperature of the environment in which the meter is located based on the resistance change of the NTC thermistor. The resistance value of the NTC thermistor is converted into a value by the A/D converter, which is recorded to a predetermined area of the random access memory and the nonvolatile memory. Since it is not necessary to measure the received light intensity and air temperature at the same time, NTC thermistors usually use an A/D converter.

Highly sensitive NTC thermistor for blood glucose meter

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