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NOx sensor

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Product Introduction


Attached to the engine exhaust system, real-time detection of the NOx concentration in the exhaust gas
Measuring range: 0 ~ 5000ppm
Applicable to Euro Ⅳ / Euro Ⅴ emission standards

NOX sensor features:
★ is a safe portable device with built-in miniature gas pump.
★ small size, light weight, waterproof, explosion-proof, shock-proof design.
★ high precision, high resolution, fast response fast.
★ use of large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, can work for a long time.
★ digital LCD backlight display, sound and light, vibration alarm function
★ Upper and lower limit alarm value can be set arbitrarily, comes with zero and target point calibration function, built-in temperature compensation, easy maintenance.
★ wide range, the maximum value can be displayed to 50000ppm, 100.00% Vol, 100% LEL.
★ data recovery function, eliminating the misuse caused by the worries.
★ display value can be set to enlarge, restart normal.
★ shell with a special material and technology, easy to wear, easy to clean, long time to use bright as new. Nitrogen oxide sensor nitrogen oxides NOX

Sensor Product Features:
★ is built-in micro-gas pump high-precision hand-safe portable equipment;
★ imported electrochemical sensor has a good anti-jamming performance, the service life of up to 3 years;
★ advanced microprocessor technology, fast response, high precision, stability and repeatability;
★ detection site with on-site sound and light alarm function, the gas concentration exceeded the real-time alarm, is dangerous on-site operations security;
★ live with a large LCD screen display, visual display gas concentration / type / unit / working status;
★ full range of temperature digital automatic tracking compensation to ensure the accuracy of measurement;
★ semiconductor nano-technology ultra-low power 32-bit microcontrollers;

NOx sensor

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