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Euro IV standard PT200 car exhaust temperature discharge high temperature sensor

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Product Introduction


Product Name: PT200 Automotive Exhaust Temperature Sensor
Product Features:
• Interchangeability
  • High stability and reliability
• Quick response
• Operating temperature range -50°C to +1000°C Peak +1100°C @20min
  • High precision Pt200 chip
• Nickel-chromium-iron alloy stainless steel pipe
• Temperature range -50°C ~ +1000°C
• Total length, mounting interface, connector can be customized
  • RoHS compliant
Pressure type:--
Product application: diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation, catalytic converter, etc.

DPF=Diesel Particulate Filter Diesel particulate filter.
The DPF temperature sensor measures the temperature of the exhaust gas exhausted from the turbocharger and provides the information needed to evaluate the DPF temperature before the exhaust gas passes through the DPF. This information and other data used to estimate the amount of accumulated particulate DPF temperature control and to help reduce harmful emissions, improve fuel efficiency.

Scope of application
The PT200 automotive exhaust emission high temperature sensor is implemented with the Euro IV standard. Exhaust gas emissions, as well as complete combustion, must be controlled by high temperature measurements. Exhaust gas measurements will become increasingly important for component protection and exhaust system monitoring.
In diesel exhaust systems, the DPF system uses two temperature sensors. One is located at the turbocharger exit bend near HO2S and the other is located at the DPF inlet to control the temperature of the recirculation.

Diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation, catalytic converter;
Control and test engine components (valves, air pipes) and external temperature sensing components (turbochargers, black smoke filters and catalytic converters);
  Assembled in the on-site diagnostic system to detect the temperature at which the catalytic converter is turned off;
  Control and monitor the heat storage in the black smoke filter and in selective catalytic reduction;
  Measuring exhaust gas at cycle (EGR) temperature and turbocharger temperature;
Monitor the temperature to ensure maximum catalytic efficiency.

Use environment
The DPF is installed in the diesel exhaust system to reduce particulate matter (PM) in the exhaust, helping to reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

Processing design car exhaust temperature discharge high temperature sensor
high temperature sensor

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