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Electronic pressure switch main features use working principle classification

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Product Introduction


What is a pressure switch?
The pressure switch uses a high-precision, high-stability pressure sensor and transmission circuit, and then a dedicated CPU modular signal processing technology. Realize the detection, display, alarm and control signal output of the medium pressure signal. Pressure switches can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and other fields. The measurement and control of gauge pressure and absolute pressure of various gases and liquids is an ideal intelligent measurement and control instrument for industrial sites. Pressure switches are widely used in aerospace and military industries, such as M1A1 tanks, Apollo spacecraft, Boeing 747, Airbus A320, F22, F117 and other products.

main feature:

The main categories of pressure switches include normally open and normally closed. The main features are:
1. It adopts British pipe thread quick joint or copper pipe welded installation structure, which is flexible to install and easy to use, and requires no special installation and fixing.
2. The insert type wire type connector can be arbitrarily selected by the user.
3. Sealed stainless steel sensor is safe and reliable.
4. The pressure range can be manufactured according to the pressure value selected by the user.
The pressure switch is a device that is combined with an electrical switch that operates when a predetermined fluid pressure is reached. It is mainly used for outputting alarm or control signals on industrial equipment such as power plants, petrochemicals and metallurgical industries. It has an important use in the industrial field to prevent damage to important equipment in production engineering and to avoid major production accidents.

2. Pressure switch main sensor 2.1 bellows
Durability and vibration resistance are better than Bourdon tube, and the connection difference can be adjusted in a wide range. The main materials are stainless steel and phosphor bronze. The price is relatively high, but the measurable pressure range is small, the maximum is 40MPa (CB33) 2.2 diaphragm
It has excellent corrosion resistance and its main materials are NBR and fluororubber. Such sensitive components are used in CS and CL series. Pressure switch quick and easy automatic selection is included.

The Yaxun electronic pressure switch amplifies the pressure signal through a high precision instrumentation amplifier. Data is collected and processed by a high-speed MCU with built-in precision sensors for compensation. It is a high-precision equipment for detecting pressure and liquid level signals and realizing pressure, liquid level monitoring and control. Widely used in chemical, mechanical, hydrological, electric power, environmental protection and other automated systems for measuring gas and liquid pressure. Because the adjustment is convenient and flexible, the installation is simple and can replace most occasions where the liquid level switch is used.

1. The core of the product adopts a new intelligent micro-processing chip, which has stable function and practical performance.
2. The LED displays the current pressure or level value;
3, pressure or liquid level can be set to start or stop according to their own needs;
4, four LED products, three units can be selected according to customer needs: Mpa, KG.F/CM2, PSI
5, can set high and low pressure or liquid level alarm point, and output to the control equipment through relay or optocoupler; Output two-way relay (single pole double throw) switch quantity;
6, two relays / two optocouplers / with 4-20mA / 0-10V output can be selected;
7, using high-precision pressure sensor, higher precision than mechanical pressure switch, small hysteresis, fast response, stable and reliable; adjust no dead zone; The relay operating pressure point can be arbitrarily set within the entire measuring range;
8, use the button to adjust the operating pressure, easy to use, more flexible;
Protection level: IP65, can be used in harsh environments;

Technical Parameters
Range range: -100Kpa ~ 200MPa;
Supply voltage: 12~35V DC (24V DC calibration voltage) / AC 220vAC power supply
Output relay capacity: 380V 3A, 220V 5A, 24V DC 5A, etc.
Accuracy: better than 0.0.5% FS, 1% FS, etc.
Setting range: full range can be set
Sampling rate: 10 times / sec (can be customized according to customer needs).
Interface thread: M20*1.5, G1/4, G1/2, 1/4NPT (can be customized according to customer needs)
The digital pressure switch is an intelligent control instrument that integrates pressure measurement, display and control. It has the characteristics of simple operation, good anti-vibration performance, high control precision and long service life.
The operating instructions take the MD-S910 intelligent pressure switch as an example:

   MD-S910 intelligent pressure switch
Pressure display window

2.MPa unit indicator
3. Kg/cm unit indicator
4.PSI unit indicator
5. Running indicator
6. Lower limit indicator
7. Upper limit indicator
8. Power indicator
9. (ON/OFF) run key
10.Digital reduction button (▼)
11. Number increase button (▲)
12. Set the SET button
13. Pressure mounting port
pressure switch

Order:Electronic pressure switch main features use working principle classification

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