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    [Common problem]What does pt100 mean?[ 2019-09-24 ]
    The PT100 is a temperature sensor and is a platinum wire thermal resistance sensor with good stability and linearity. Can work in the range of -200 C to 650 C. A Resistive Temperature Detector (RTD) is a resistor made of ...
    [Common problem]What are the main parameters of the PTC thermistor?[ 2019-07-31 ]
    Rated zero power resistor R25 Zero power resistance refers to the very low power consumption added to PTC thermistor when measuring PTC thermistor value at a certain temperature, so that the change of resistance value of ...
    [Common problem]How to choose PTC thermistor?[ 2019-07-19 ]
    Each thermistor has parameters such as withstand voltage, withstand current, maintain current and action time. You can choose the parameters of the product according to the requirements of the specific circuit. The specif...
    [Common problem]What is a PTC thermistor?[ 2019-07-19 ]
    Introduction to PTC thermistors PTC thermistor heating elements are high-tech products that are modern and future. It is widely used in light industry, residential, transportation, aerospace, agriculture, medical, environ...
    [Common problem] Application of PTC Ceramic Heating Plate in Air Heater [ 2019-07-17 ]
    The air-heated structure is divided into a charged type and an insulated type according to whether the heat sink is electrically charged....
    [Common problem]Air conditioning PTC corrugated heater Global custom supply[ 2019-07-15 ]
    The air conditioning PTC corrugated heater is a self-controlled temperature heater. 1. Constant temperature heating PTC thermistor has constant temperature heating characteristics. The principle is that PTC thermistor is ...
    [Common problem]Custom PTC heater global supply[ 2019-07-15 ]
    What is a PTC heater? The PTC heater is also called a PTC heating element and is composed of a PTC ceramic heating element and an aluminum tube. This type of PTC heater has the advantages of small thermal resistance and ...
    [Common problem]How does the DS18B20 work?[ 2019-07-08 ]
    The read and write timing and temperature measurement principle of the DS18B20 is the same as that of the DS1820, except that the number of bits of the obtained temperature value varies with resolution, and the delay time...
    [Common problem]DS18B20 performance and function description of different pins[ 2019-07-08 ]
    DS18B20 performance 1, the unique single-wire interface mode, the DS18B20 only needs one port line when connecting with the microprocessor to realize the two-way communication between the microprocessor and the DS18B20. 2...
    [Common problem]What is DS18B20?[ 2019-07-08 ]
    DS18B20 is a commonly used digital temperature sensor with small size, low hardware overhead, strong anti-interference ability and high precision. The DS18B20 digital temperature sensor is easy to connect and can be used ...
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