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Product Introduction


MEMS pressure sensor
The pressure sensor is able to feel the pressure signal, according to certain rules and to the pressure signal or an electric signal conversion device into usable output.
Pressure sensors are usually composed of pressure sensitive components and signal processing units. According to different test pressure types, pressure sensors can be divided into gauge pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and absolute pressure sensors.

Pressure sensors are the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice and are widely used in a variety of industrial automation environments. Involved in water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent construction, production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil wells, electric power, ships, machine tools, pipelines and many other industries. The following briefly introduces some common sensor principles and their applications. There is also a medical pressure sensor.

Pressure sensing classification
The basic principle of multi-sensor information fusion technology is just like the process of human brain comprehensive processing information. The multi-level, multi-space information complementation and optimization combination processing of various sensors will eventually produce a consistent interpretation of the observation environment. In this process, we should make full use of multi-source data for reasonable control and use. The ultimate goal of information fusion is based on the separation of each sensor observation information obtained by the information multi-level, multi-faceted combination derive more useful information. This not only takes advantage of the synergy of multiple sensors, but also comprehensively processes the data of other information sources to improve the intelligence of the entire sensor system.

Flat membrane pressure sensor

Pressure sensors are the most widely used type of sensor. The conventional pressure sensor is mainly composed of a mechanical structure type device, and the deformation is indicated by the deformation of the elastic member, but the structure is large in size and heavy in weight, and cannot provide an electrical output. With the development of semiconductor technology, semiconductor pressure sensors have also emerged. It is characterized by small size, light weight, high accuracy and good temperature characteristics. In particular, with the development of MEMS technology, semiconductor sensors are moving toward miniaturization, and their power consumption is small and reliability is high.

Diffused silicon pressure transmitter
Diffused silicon pressure transmitters are fabricated by encapsulating isolated silicon piezoresistive pressure sensitive components in a stainless steel housing. It converts the perceived liquid or gas pressure into a standard electrical signal for external output. DATA-52 series diffused silicon pressure transmitters are widely used in on-site measurement and control of industrial processes such as supply/discharge, heat, petroleum, chemical, and metallurgy.

Diffused Silicon Pressure Transmitter DATA-52 Series Sensor
Measuring medium: liquid or gas (no corrosion to stainless steel housing)
Range: 0-10MPa
Accuracy level: 0.1% FS, 0.5% FS (optional)
Stability: ±0.05%FS/year; ±0.1%FS/year
Output signal: RS485, 4~20mA (optional)
Overload capability: 150% FS
Zero temperature coefficient: ±0.01%FS/°C
Full temperature coefficient: ±0.02%FS/°C
Protection level: IP68
Ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ 80 ° C
Storage temperature: -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C
Power supply: 9V ~ 36V DC;
Structural material: Shell: stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Seal ring: fluoro rubber
Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L
Cable: φ7.2mm polyurethane special cable
Semiconductor piezoresistive type
The semiconductor piezoelectric impedance diffusion pressure sensor forms a semiconductor deformation pressure on the surface of the sheet. By an external force (pressure) generated by deformation of the sheet impedance of the piezoelectric effect, so that the impedance variation into an electric signal.

Diffused Silicon Pressure Transmitter DATA-52 Series Sensor

Electrostatic capacity type
A capacitance type pressure sensor has a capacitance in which a fixed pole of a glass and a movable electrode of silicon face each other. The change in electrostatic capacitance generated by the deformation of the movable pole by an external force (pressure) is converted into an electrical signal. (The operating principle of E8Y is the electrostatic capacity mode, and other models use the semiconductor method).
MEMS pressure sensor

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