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Application of PTC Ceramic Heating Plate in Air Heater

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-07-17 11:07

1. The air heater structure
The air-heated structure is divided into a charged type and an insulated type according to whether the heat sink is electrically charged.
Figure 1 is a charged air heater. The radiator is electrically charged. The electrode layer of PTC ceramic heater contacts the aluminum radiator directly, and the aluminum radiator acts as a lead-out end of the electrode. The charged air heater is easy to obtain large power and the cost is relatively low; however, since the radiator is charged, it is easy to have a safety hazard.

Figure 2 is an insulated air heater. The heat sink and PTC ceramic heater are insulated and the heat sink is not charged. Insulated air heaters are safer, but have lower power and higher cost.

Air heating structure classification

According to the structure of the radiator, there are corrugated structure, insert structure, aluminum extruded structure, compressed air pipe type heating and so on. The corrugated air heater has a flexible structure, length and width, and is easy to adjust. It is composed of various sizes and various powers to meet various fan sizes, duct sizes, and heating power requirements. The heat sink of the corrugated structure heater and the PTC heating sheet (or heating tube) are bonded by adhesive. After being used for a long time at high temperature or after long-term airless burning, the adhesive may fall off. The length of the insert structure and the aluminum extruded structure can be appropriately adjusted, but the width is difficult to adjust. The insert structure gives the impression that it is compact, strong and has a relatively low wind resistance.

According to whether it needs to be blown to distinguish, it is divided into a hair dryer type and a natural convection air heater. The blower type air heater has a relatively large power, but requires a fan to be added, and the fan generates noise. The convection air heater does not require a fan and has no noise. It is especially suitable for heating in the bedroom and heating at the bottom of the bed, but the heating power is small.

2. Application occasion
Heater, air conditioner, clothing, shoes, hand, desiccant, tea, hot air drying of agricultural products, wardrobe, bookcase, shoe cabinet, room, bathroom, factory, shopping mall, warehouse, electric control cabinet, high-speed rail car, electrical equipment , Heating or drying of the storage, tunnel oven, compressed air heating, battery discharge load.
Stable heating power can range from 100W to 10KW. If the power of a single heater is smaller, the failure can be reduced, the yield can be improved, and if the power is large, multiple heaters can be used. Working voltage is 12V~420V, both AC and DC. When the operating voltage is low, the inrush current and the steady current are large, so when high power is required, it is preferable not to use a low voltage.

The advantage of the electric wire blowing heater is that the cost is lower, the outlet temperature can be made higher, and the volume can be smaller.
1) After using for a period of time, the insulation withstand voltage, leakage current, and insulation resistance exceed the standard;
2), can not be powered without wind, if the fan stops, the air duct is blocked, the temperature protection device is faulty, the heater will burn out due to no wind and over temperature, and even burn out the surrounding materials, fire;
3) After the long-term work of the heating wire, it may be oxidized and burned, affecting the life and even causing leakage;
4) When flammable substances are attached to the heater, it may cause burning.

PTC air heaters can overcome the shortcomings of electric heating heaters: Insulation withstand voltage, leakage current, and insulation resistance are excellent and stable. It can be energized without wind, automatic protection, no fire and long service life.
However, if the quality of the PTC heater is not good, there may be problems:
1), the PTC ceramic body breaks down and burns, causing a short circuit and burning the insulation layer;
2), the heating power is attenuated with the increase of the use time, and can not reach the expected service life. Some PTC heater manufacturers use low-grade materials in order to reduce production costs, the manufacturing process cannot be strictly controlled, and there is no life test. Not all PTC manufacturers have PTC heaters that guarantee quality. The PTC of each factory has different performances in terms of power attenuation, power accuracy, inrush current, withstand voltage, insulation performance, and reliability of use. The PTC production plant should be carefully selected to ensure reliable quality.

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