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Ali cloud server room temperature monitoring system
With the development and popularization of computer technology, the number of computer systems is increasing day by day, and the supporting environmental equipment is increasing day by day. The environmental equipment of the computer room is more and more strict to the requirement of temperature and humidity, which is the basic environment to ensure the normal operation of the computer system. Once the equipment room environment deteriorated, it will affect the operation of the server computer, a threat to the reliability of data transmission, storage and operation of the system, such as a serious accident and cannot be handled in time, it may damage the hardware equipment, causing serious consequences. For a large computer room, such as Ali cloud server needs to exchange data in real time, room management is more important, once the system failure, resulting in economic losses is incalculable. At present a lot of room management personnel had to use 24 hour staff on duty, conduct regular inspections of equipment room environment, which not only increased the burden on management, is not scientific, because workers can not be like the same time monitoring temperature control equipment to control various equipment troubleshooting and timely operation. No, no science to the time of the accident and responsibility management
Ali cloud server room monitoring system design
1# room temperature sensor is the overall number of 11.
2# computer room: the actual server use area of about 1600 square meters, the temperature sensor /100 square meters, so the need for 16 temperature and humidity sensors
3# computer room: the actual use of the server area of about 5000 square meters, the temperature and humidity sensor /100 square meters, so the need for 50 temperature and humidity sensors.
2: monitoring center:
The monitoring center by computer, display, operation table, large screen LCD display, serial acquisition card, monitor frame, protocol conversion module, video card, video plug, video cable, speakers and sound card etc.. The monitoring center will collect all the real-time data, video stream and alarm content, and unified response to all events. The host computer and the intelligent device are connected by RS485/232 or network, and communicate with each other by means of master and slave communication protocol, so as to obtain the real-time data of each device, which is convenient for the real-time response of the event.
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